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    The learning outcome of this course is that you become familiar with this course environment.

    The learning outcomes are

    • Understand National Urbanization Policy (NUP) from Rwandese and international perspective
      • Understand its need:
        • Why doed Rwanda have a national urban policy?
        • Why do countries have national urban policies? 
      • Understand its nature 
        • What are the main characteristics of the Rwanda National Urban Policy?
    • Understand the Spatial Development Framework (SDF)
      • Understand its need 
        • Explain the SDF as a whole
      • Understand its nature
        • Eplain individual blocks (each is a topic? )
          - data collection
          - Matrix of Functions
          - Consultative workshops
          - Preliminary SDF
          - SMCE
          - Strategic Action Plans
          - Technical review and political validation
    • Be familiar with the relation between the National Urban policy and the Spatial Development Framework
      • Apply the SDF in urban planning practice
        • Roles of SDF for NUP

    The learning outcomes are: 

    • Master the application of methods and tools for Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation (SMCE)
      • Have a conceptual understanding of decision processes to position SMCE within these decision processes.
        • Introduction on Decision Making processes
      • Apply MCE and ability to choose appropriate MCE methods
        • Basic principles of Multicriteria Evaluation
      • Structuring skills
        • Evaluation problem structuring
      • Elicit levels of objective achievements
        • Value functions
      • Elicit preferences
        • Weighting methods
      • Interpret results
        • Aggregation and analysis of results
      • Recognize and acknowledge uncertainty
        • Uncertainty definition and identification
      • Apply SMCE
        • Basic principles of Spatial Multicriteria Analysis
      • Use ILWIS for SMCE
        • Concepts of ILWIS
        • Input and output of data 
        • SMCE in ILWIS
      • Do it yourself
        • Case study of Rwanda 

    Site news

    Picture of Luc Boerboom
    SDF4NUP presented at GeoTechRwanda2015
    by Luc Boerboom - Friday, 6 November 2015, 6:30 AM

    The Targetted Open Online Course for Rwandan professionals in urban and regional planning and development about the National Urbanization Policy (NUP) of Rwanda and the Spatial Development Framework will be presented at the GeoTechRwanda conference (November 18-20). by means of a poster with QR code links to the course and its materials. 

    Picture of Luc Boerboom
    Welcome to workshop participants.
    by Luc Boerboom - Sunday, 15 March 2015, 9:03 PM

    We welcome participants to the workshop about the Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation (SMCE) for the National Urbanization Policy of Rwanda


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